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Corporate services

Corporate services is an all-encompassing function and CS professionals are therefore responsible for delivering a very broad suite of services. The role is both strategic and tactical, dealing with all aspects of the built environment and the provision of services to those who occupy it.

Our corporate services advisors assist clients with all aspects of their role including workplace and space utilisation analysis to inform real estate strategy, program management oversight for project delivery and change management application, as well as defining strategies for delivery of employee soft services and supporting effective home working.

Corporate real estate strategy

Working in tandem with the Spring4 real estate team, we can leverage our considerable corporate occupier experience to advise and assist with all the work that leads up to a transaction such as business needs analysis, headcount growth analysis, workplace strategy including digital space utilisation assessment.

Project delivery

Partnering closely with the Spring4 project management team, we can create and support project management needs, augment client team resources, assist in interpreting, managing and implementing workplace advice and orchestrate post occupancy analysis.


We can offer an independent assessment and overview of your corporate preparedness plan, or help you create one. We can suggest tools to support effective crisis management, business continuity planning, travel security and duty of care compliance.


We can advise on occupier wellness best practice, provide expert ergonomic advice, and offer “at home” ergonomic desk assessments, for employees working remotely from home.

Change management

Common to both executing a new real estate strategy or delivering a capital project is the need for a change management program. Ensuring your internal stakeholders are engaged and appraised of key decision and future changes. Having a sound and considered change management program defined, contributes to the success of project implementation.  

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