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Project management services

Leading organisations have never been more conscientious about the working environments they provide for their teams. An inspirational new office can deliver great benefits to productivity, collaboration, recruitment, retention and general staff wellbeing.

Fit out, project management & design

Spring4’s project management and quantity surveying team guides our clients through the journey of discovery and timely delivery of exceptional workspaces. We listen, interpret, solve problems and help develop the brief prior to ensuring that each client’s vision is successfully delivered on time and on budget.

Workplace consulting

Our team specialises in workplace delivery and has experience across multiple industry sectors. We have acquired a detailed understanding of each sector’s different needs within the workplace and can dedicate services to help clients make best use of their space. This is the start of a journey to your desired working environment, and instrumental to meeting the future needs of the business.

We have longstanding relationships with a small number of tried and tested independent workplace consultants and architects. We work with them to conduct detailed quantitative and qualitative surveys for clients who need help analysing their existing office usage, to inform any future real estate decisions.


Design development and management is an integral part of project delivery and Spring4 has a wealth of design partners to suit your needs. Quality design-team assembly is the foundation of all successful projects and we have established relationships with a number of experts who have proven track records in the delivery of spaces often nominated for smart awards. Spring4 is also happy to collaborate seamlessly with incumbent design teams to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Project management

Spring4’s Project Management team will deliver your company’s future workplace vision, meeting the requirements set out in the design phase. With a wealth of expertise in commercial project management, cost consultancy, quantity surveying, risk management and design, the team is expertly equipped to support your needs. The team will coordinate experts in all aspects of the project and develop structured processes to ensure efficient delivery. Our team members pride themselves on being communicative, approachable and adaptable. They are always ready to solve problems as they arise and meet client needs as they evolve throughout a project.

Create the kind of workplace and company culture that will attract great talent. If you hire brilliant people, they will make work feel more like play.
Richard Branson